Food from Down Under

Food from Down Under

Culinary Delight

“Victoria is the food bowl of the country producing almost 30 per cent of the total food production in the country. We make high quality products ranging from dairy to snacks, bakery and packaged goods and sauces. We also have some of the finest wineries that produce everything from cheap and cheerful off the shelf beverages to high end expensive wines for the discerning connoisseur,” she said.

“We are promoting our old and well-established brands which have been in the business for a long time and are being exported to countries around the world. For instance, Ballantynes is one of the largest canned butter manufacturers in the world along with speciality products like cream cheese powder and instantised yogurt powder.

Lemnos as a company has acquired a reputation for traditional specialty style cheeses especially Fetta and Ricotta using old family recipes in their manufacturing process. Our lamb is one of the best in the world and from olive oil to processed meats and gourmet foods like truffles, we have an entire range of products for an emerging and exciting market like India,” she added.

Talking about wine in general and Australian wine in particular, she said that it ultimately boiled down to personal preferences and one did not have to be an expert to appreciate and enjoy good wine. “Victoria bounds in excellent wine growing regions from the Yarra Valley and the High Country to the Mornington Peninsula in the South.

Many of the wine makers have brought down expertise and a wealth of knowledge from France and Portugal, producing  world class wine,” she explained. Allan was on a two-pronged mission to India, firstly, to reassure people about the safety measures adopted for Indian students back in Australia.

And secondly, to promote the food and wine industry of her country. Her ten-day tour took her to major Indian cities where she also embarked on a culinary journey in each one. “Indian food is full of variety and flavour,” she said having sampled Mughali fare up North, Hyderabadi biryani and a vegetarian thali in Mysore.