Spiritual fasting

She has to resort to health food to ward off the hunger pangs.

I know of a person who needs no reason to fast. It is talked about so much that it falls short of a public announcement. She does special fruit shopping the day before her fast. She always buys a bunch of bananas as they are available right round the year and adds on at least two other fruit that happen to be in season. “You see, I am fasting tomorrow,” she will explain to whoever happens to be within hearing distance. She also equips herself with biscuit packets, high energy nuts and health drinks. No half measures for the lady. She believes in doing things thoroughly.

At breakfast, she will make it a point to announce, “No idli, dosai or upma for me as I am fasting.” She will start with a tall glass of juice. Then she will proceed to help herself to a generous heap of choco flakes or muesli with a large helping of dried fruit in a big bowl of milk. After working her way through this, she will turn to fruit. She will round it off with a beer-sized mug of ‘strong’ coffee to see her through the morning.
In between breakfast and lunch, she munches on snacks to keep exhaustion at bay. She is always well-stocked. Be prepared, is her motto. “I will skip lunch,” she will declare for the benefit who anyone who may be around. But depending on the weather, she will decide on substitutes. If it is warm, she will settle for a large glass of thick lassi laced with cream and sugar together with gulab jamoon or cashew burfi or pista roll–“just a couple of pieces, not more,” she will mention. In cool weather, she will opt for soup–“ to fuel  the body, you understand”– and the usual quota of sweets. “There really isn’t much choice when I am fasting. So I make do with whatever is available,” she will say.

By tea time the poor creature is fagged out. She has to resort to health food (read biscuits, nuts and energy drink) to ward off the hunger pangs. And she is generosity itself. She will invite who ever drops by to partake of her store of goodies.
Her fast ends at dinner time. Freed from the self-imposed restrictions, she has legitimate reason to indulge herself. She will do justice to a full-scale repast. Leaning back with evident self-satisfaction, she will state, “Speaking from personal experience, I would say it is spiritually elevating.”

 She has been teased about the farce of fasting all along. It now appears that the lady will have the last laugh. A recent article on sensible fasting advocated grazing throughout the day accompanied by plenty of fluids– just the method the lady has been following!                                             

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