Living alone with caution

Living alone with caution

Living alone with caution

Too many incidents of crimes against women are being spoken of these days. And while the roads are definitely unsafe, one can face danger even within the four walls of one’s home.

In a society like ours, it is a ‘bold’ move for a woman to live alone. But there are thousands of women in the City who choose to do so, with necessary safety precautions taken. Metrolife speaks to some of them to find out how careful they are and the kind of measures they take to keep themselves well protected.

“When I moved here, I bought a pepper spray, which I keep with me at all times. I make sure I have my key between my fingers if I’m walking home because if someone is following me, I can hurt them.

I’ve made sure nobody has a copy of my house key except me. We lock the main gate by 11 pm because I live in an area which is known for hooliganism,” informs Anjali Chakraborty, a content writer who has a cat that plays the role of her watchdog. She adds, “If I’m out somewhere, I end up staying over instead of getting out alone at night.”

Shelly, a young professional, shares that though she doesn’t really feel insecure in the City, it’s important to make a conscious effort to be safe, especially while on the move. “Men, irrespective of class, make you feel uncomfortable on a daily basis and something needs to be done about them.

You can’t go out for an evening walk without the fear of getting harassed. I have spotted perverts now and to make it worse, there are no guards where I live,” she says, adding that her door has a triple lock, which makes it safe enough when at home.

It is important to be safe than sorry. And if small things like locking the windows, cross-checking if the door is properly locked or investing in a home alarm system can save your life or prevent uncalled for crimes, it is probably worth it. For instance, there are also the extra-careful types around, who keep their home well stocked with anything they might need during an emergency of any sort.

“I need a lot of personal space and so, I somehow convinced my parents to let me live alone in a flat when I moved to Bangalore.

I feel quite safe because I keep a shrill whistle on my bedside next to solar lights which I make sure are charged before I go to bed. Other than that, I always keep the door locked and ensure that the guard calls me on the intercom every time I have a visitor. Being a light sleeper also helps me stay alert,” wraps up Aparajita K, who stays in
Fraser Town.