Nimhans traces gene causing hot water epilepsy

Nimhans traces gene causing hot water epilepsy

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (Nimhans) has traced a gene responsible for hot water epilepsy.

The discovery has helped the Institute develop a medicine said Dr P Satishchandra, Director and Vice-Chancellor, Nimhans.

Addressing a gathering at a programme for conferring Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose memorial award, Dr Satishchandra said his mentor had first detected the hot water epilepsy, which was very much prevalent in Karnataka.

Further investigation revealed that such a kind of epilepsy was found in other parts of the world as well. During research, it came out that patients develop seizures since the temperature of the body shoots up dangerously when hot water is poured on the head.

A genetic problem

“These tendencies were found mainly in certain families and it was a genetic problem. The research led to a particular type of gene. This discovery helped the team of neurologists from Nimhans to develop a medicine.”

“People having such symptoms should take the medicine about one-and-half hours before taking bath to avoid hot water seizures. The medicine does not cause any side effects,” said Dr Satishchandra.

Besides Dr Satishchandra, the award, instituted by Indian Science Monitor, was conferred on eminent aerospace scientist and fluid dynamist Roddam Narasimha, educationist N Leelavathi, Ornithologist Chandrashekaran and Harish Hande of Selco India. Former Chief Justice of India, Justice M N Venkatachalaiah conferred the awards.