Cine buffs drenched in 'Water'!

Cine buffs drenched in 'Water'!

Documentaries, film on the theme screened

When Deepa Mehta’s ‘Water’ saw a delayed release in India in the year 2007, many a movie buffs made a beeline to the theatre. After five years, it was the same at Rangayana here on Wednesday.

The film screened on the second day of Bahuroopi national theatre festival drew audience in large numbers, with Sriranga, the temporary theatre, full to its capacity. When the chairs in the hall were firmly occupied, the organisers had to make arrangements at the reception too. The stairs leading up stairs was also the seat for the time. Barring a few hiccoughs, off screen, with audience moving in and out at times, the film on the widow system during pre-independence era, especially in Varnasi kept the audience hooked for nearly two hours.

The audience were a mix of young and old, but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say, elderly people outnumbered the youngsters. When the show culminated, the audience were left drenched in the impact of a revolutionary movie.

Earlier in the day, a documentary produced by Forest Department in Tamil Nadu and another on Loktak a dying lake of Manipur were also screened. Another attraction of the day and continues to remain till the festival comes to a close is 3D frog.

It’s again from the brush of artist Badal Nanjundaswamy and friends. It’s also a relevant to the ongoing fest, based on the theme; jeeva, jala and jeevana. Frogs are an integral part of water.