R'than forest dept to shift two tigresses to Sariska

R'than forest dept to shift two tigresses to Sariska

The Rajasthan state forest department has got the National Tiger Conservation Authority’s permission on Thursday to translocate two tigresses from the Ranthambore National Park to Sariska Tiger Reserve. 

With this the tiger population in Sariska National Park will go up to nine including two cubs. State chief wildlife warden P S Somashekar said now they were waiting for central forest and wildlife department’s approval.

“As soon as we get central ministry’s permission, the state forest department will co-ordinate with the Wildlife Institute of India’s scientists to execute the translocation plan,” Somashekar said.  

He said the permission is for translocation of two tigresses. Currently, there are two tigers, three tigresses and two cubs in the Sariska reserve.

ST-2 gave birth to two cubs in August last year, ending all speculation about the success of the experiment after the first tiger relocation that took place in June 2008.

“Since we have already done the reintroduction of tigers we have the experience and expertise in this scientific work”, said the chief warden.

 The officer said the tigers will be shifted to Sariska by road after tranquilising them and added that it will be a soft release after attaching radio collars to animals to monitor them in the new area.