Street dogs a cause for concern

The popular tourism town-Madikeri is no more only famous for its abundance beauty, but also for dogs which are causing public menace off late. Every residential layout is affected by the stray dog population which has increased over the years.

Responding to several complaints that the City Municipal Corporation has received, the CMC has now decided
to sterilise the stray dogs.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, CMC President Shashi Kumar said that the Corporation has contemplated to conduct sterilisation surgeries on the stray dogs after taking suggestions from the veterinary doctors. The stray dogs gather in large groups specially near dust bins, meat shops and fish market. The number of dogs has doubled or increased by three folds recently. Hence, the public have appealed the CMC to control the dogs population by taking necessary measures before any occurrence of any eventuality.

According to a prediction, the number of stray dogs in the town is anywhere between 500 to 600. As killing of dogs is opposed from various quarters, the general public have suggested the City Municipal Corporation to conduct sterilisation to prevent the increase in dog population. There have been several instances of the dogs trying to attack the pedestrians specially during the night. A school girl was attacked and injured by dogs recently.

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