'High time we spoke up against atrocities'

'High time we spoke up against atrocities'

Musical Tribute

'High time we spoke up against atrocities'

The Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom and Kabhi Aana Tu Meri galli singer, Dr Palash Sen, who has always been in the limelight with his pop and indipop numbers, recently made news when he became a part of a City campaign to support the girl child - ‘Kudiya Di Lohri’.

The campaign asked people to celebrate Lohri with as much fervour for a newborn girl child as it is done in the case of a baby boy. Palash, who is the face of one of India’s biggest bands, Euphoria, has penned a song titled Main Hoon to support the cause of girl child empowerment and became a part of the campaign started by Big FM.

Commenting on the gang rape incident in Delhi, the multi-talented musician says, “Music plays an important role in spreading message across masses. We are in the middle of a situation where every day women are facing atrocities. It’s high time that we spoke up against atrocities. So we came out with this song which is turning out to be so appropriate for this current situation.”

“It’s not about giving the rapists capital punishment, it is about the mentality and thinking, which needs to develop. It is a societal problem, the perception about women and gender bias. Our lives are because of women and why are we forgetting that?” He adds, “Our society is such that instead of supporting a girl to lodge an FIR, she is on the receiving end of all the pressures and comments. Police should also lodge an FIR instantly and not delay the process.”

Palash, a doctor by profession, has even tried his luck in Bollywood. He did Filhaal starring Sushmita Sen and Tabu, which was critically acclaimed and his upcoming flick is Mumbai Cutting, where he is playing the lead character.

Talking about Hindi films, the singer commented on the lyrics used nowadays. Sharing his views on the infamous Honey Singh who is under scanner for vulgar lyrics in his songs, Palash says, “Do you know how much money he spends on his own promotion? If you have money you can buy everything. Tomorrow if I spend the same amount even on my spiritual songs, they too will sell.

That is exactly what he is doing. You don’t have an escape other than to hear his songs. And why doesn’t the censor board object to them. Songs like Jalebi Bai, are crap. People need to understand that audio visual makes an impact and then people follow them,” slams Palash.

Taking about the content in item songs, a disturbed Palash, says, “It is very shameful that some of the biggest heroines are objectifying themselves. Imagine a little boy watching Fevicol would obviously think that all women should be like that and expect women to behave like the ones they see, when they grow older. It is every citizen’s social responsibility to take society forward and it’s high time we take a deeper look into the issue.”

Planning to add another feather in his cap, Palash will soon release the band’s first devotional and spiritual album, Sharnaagat, which means ‘to surrender to the Supreme’.