EU seeks 'immediate action' in rape cases in India

EU seeks 'immediate action' in rape cases in India

The European Parliament, which follows a very intrusive policy in international affairs, has demanded "immediate action" to improve the handling of rape and sexual assault cases by police in India.

EuAsiaNews said parliament members regretted the lack of assistance for victims and called for open trials in cases of sexual violence in India. The parliament said this during the passing of a resolution at a session held in the French city of Strasbourg where it is located.

India was rocked by the brutal gang-rape and subsequent death of a 23-year-old woman paramedical student in New Delhi in December. Crowds of outraged students staged massive protests near the president's official residence and other places in the capital city and across the country.

The European Parliament resolution condemned "all form of sexual violence, with a specific reference to the treatment of Dalit women and girls"

It welcomed the "great wave of solidarity" with rape victims in India and other countries and hoped it would help speed up the necessary reforms.

"As a democratic partner of the European Union, India must uphold the rule of law and ensure respect for fundamental and human rights, in particular women's rights," the resolution said.