How to chill your beer for longer!

How to chill your beer for longer!

How to chill your beer for longer!

Surrounding your beer in just ice is actually one of the most inefficient ways of keeping it cool, an expert has claimed, adding, that you should use salt and washing powder with ice to chill your drink.

There is a scientific way to ensure your beers stay cooler for longer using basic household items, said Helen Maynard-Casely, postdoctoral Research Fellow at Australian Synchrotron.

"The recipe I came up with is to find a big tub like an esky or bucket and put in one cup of salt and three cups of water and then throw in loads and loads of ice," she told

"It will equilibrate in temperature and should get down to about minus 10 degrees, roughly," she said.

"Every scientist worth their salt uses this trick which is known as "freezing point depression," Maynard-Casely said.

And if you're out of salt, try using washing powder instead.

"It doesn't have to be salt. It can be anything in your house that dissolves in water because it's not what is in the water but how much is dissolved," Maynard-Casely said.
The process works by keeping water molecules away from each other and stops them from freezing or melting.

And because the liquid naturally flows around your beer, it will do a much better job of keeping it cool than sticking a lump of ice on top of it.

It's also more effective than putting it in the freezer.

"In a freezer, you don't have much contact. You're just relying on cold air molecules, so they bump into each other every so often," she said.

"Dare I say it, the ice bath is a great emergency stand by to keep your beer nice and cold," she said.

Freezing point depression is thought to be responsible for the icy moon of Saturn, known as Encaeladus and Jupiter's "Europa".

"Because you depress the temperature and because it's really, really cold, you can get volcanoes and different things melting," she said.
"It gives rise to the amazing surfaces we see," she added.