Diwali sweets for bright eyes!

Diwali sweets for bright eyes!

It is Diwali and Leena was very busy preparing a special celebration. She lighted all the lamps in the house with the help of her mother. Her brother had bought her some tinsel and streamers as well. She decorated her room and the entrance to the house. Suddenly, she noticed two bright eyes watching her through the window. It was Rex, the poor dog whose master had abandoned him. They migrated to a different country and so Rex was left back without anyone to look after him. 'It was cruel indeed!' felt Leena. Ever since, Rex was roaming alone sadly, in search of food and love.

Leena could not watch his pathetic eyes anymore. 'Come in Rex! Please spend the Diwali with us.' - she said beckoning him inside.

'What the hell are you doing, Leena. You can't have that dog inside the house on a festive day like this. He will spoil everything and he is dirty.' - shouted her mother. 'No ma, I'll clean him up and he can stay in my room. He will not mess up anything. I love him and that's it.' - she said with determination.

'He won't like you lighting up crackers. He hates sound.' - said Leena's brother from inside. 'Let him go out. We can't burst any crackers if he is in. He will keep barking.' - he seemed quite upset. 'We will not burst crackers today and 1 will not let Rex go out. Do you understand? You can do that another day when Rex is out. He is hungry and needs food. He needs someone to love htm. I don't mind being with him in my room all day today.' - she was quite adamant. With the permission of her father, Leena let Rex stay with her. She brushed him and cleaned him. Hugged him and kissed him. She fed him with good food. She gave him a few sweets that her mother had made.

When her parents called her out to watch the fireworks that her brother was lighting up outside, she went out. She took care to stuff cotton in the ears of Rex fearing the noise that would frighten him. When she came out she saw her bother with sparklers, flower pots and all the other things, but no crackers. 'Yes. I decided not to burst crackers today because of Rex. We can always do it another day.' - he said with understanding. Leena felt very happy.

Suddenly they heard Rex barking loudly from inside. He continued to bark inspite of Leena asking him to keep quiet. Leena's father decided to go in and see what had happened. 'O God, come here everybody, see what has happened, called the father.'
All of them ran in to see what had happened. The fire from one of (he lamps had lit a cm lain between the dining room and the parlour. The curtain was on fire.  Rex stood near it and barked loudly to draw the attention of the family.

They all took immediate action and the light was put out soon. They were all grateful to Rex for his presence of mind.

‘If it was not for Rex, there would have been serious consequences.' said Leena's father. ‘Thanks to Rex.’ - said Leena's mother.

‘Rex saved us from a terrible mishap.’ - said Leena’s brother. ‘Mamma, can we keep Rex for ourselves?’ - asked Leena looking at everyone. ‘Why not?’’ - there was chorus.