Where ethnic meets contemporary

Where ethnic meets contemporary

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Where ethnic meets contemporary

Pilgrim is the one-stop shop for the modern Indian woman — from colourful ‘patialas’ that highlight one’s figure to modern dresses with traditional prints that you never thought would look good on you, customers have a variety of options to play around with at this store.

The brand prides itself over well-tailored, stylish garments that add colour to the wardrobe, without burning a hole in the pocket.

Aditi Cariappa, I Year, Jyoti Nivas College (PU), wore a mustard yellow top with turquoise patiala style freedom pants.
Punchline: “It’s a very different style, but I feel comfortable in it. I think the combination of colours looks really good and brings out the shape and figure of the one wearing it.”
Prices: Shirt (Rs 950) and patiala (Rs 1,100).

Aishvarya Varma, I Year, School of Law, Christ University, teamed a black top with a mustard kalamkari jacket, which she wore with a brick-coloured full-length linen skirt.
Punchline: “The clothes are ethnic and well-constructed and yet fun. Usually, I don’t wear long skirts, but this makes me feel good.
Prices: Black top (Rs 850); Jacket (Rs 1,200) and skirt (Rs 1,300).

Neha K, I Year, Vogue Institute of Fashion and Technology, slipped into a red top under a graphic multi-coloured ikat jacket with a pair of well-fitted black three-quarter pants.
Punchline: “It is very classy! You don’t see youngsters wearing clothes with ikat these days, but it gives a nice and formal look.”
Prices: Jacket (Rs 1,950) and pants (Rs 1,200).

Kavya Rao, IV Year, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, wore a well-fitted purple sandglass dress with ikat print.
Punchline: “It is an elegant dress that gives a simple, yet glamorous, look. The fabric is lovely and it’s really comfortable, compared to the other dresses that you see in the market these days. I’d wear it for a normal outing.”
Prices: Dress (Rs 1,800)

Sucheta Pathalam, IV Year, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, opted for a casual look with a blue and white knee-length day dress.
Punchline: “It is ethnic but modern at the same time. With a few accessories, it can be made to look really funky. The best thing is that you can wear it anywhere!”
Prices: Dress (Rs 1,600)

Pooja Rohra, I Year, Vogue Institute of Fashion and Technology, chose a button-down tomato red kurta in linen. The garment was accentuated with block-printed fabric along the neck and cuffs.
Punchline: “It is a semi-formal garment that looks quite smart if paired with the right jewellery. It’s wearable anywhere and is a good look for college students.”
Prices: Kurta (Rs 1,200)