Keep it light and right

Keep it light and right

Travel Baggage

Keep it light and right

That favourite dress, those high heels, bathroom slippers, night suits, formal wear for the occasion and informal for the mornings and what not!

We want to keep almost everything when packing our travel bags for a wonderful and a much-anticipated vacation. But sadly what gets left out of the pack-your-bag operation is some practicality.

Packing ‘unnecessary’ things adds to the number of already bulging bags. Whereas, deep down one is already aware that some of those clothes and accessories might not even get used. Carrying less bags simply means less burden and lesser chances of losing baggage in transit. Metrolife guides you on how to keep your travelling light, yet not incomplete.

The key is to keep heavy clothes and footwear to a minimum and carry those, that can be repeated such as pullovers, jeans and jackets. Comfortable footwear are a must rather than many pairs of fancy shoes.

An etiquette guru Kavita Ashok says, “Travelling light is the rule of the game and comfort is the main ingredient of the delectable dish called travel. Carry less clothes and choose wisely because certain kind of clothes, like jeans and jackets, can be repeated. Carry comfortable footwear if you are going for adventure or sightseeing.”

Madhavan Menon, MD, Thomas Cook (India) says, “As a thumb rule, keep heavy clothes and footwear to a minimum – just one pair of jeans/sneakers, multiple shirts or Tshirts. Ladies could choose complimentary shades to be able to mix and match. Socks and underwear can be kept along the sides of the suitcase or inside shoes.”

It is best to keep mini versions of toiletries and perfumes, that too, in zip lock bags to avoid leakage. Things to never forget to pack include sunglasses, sunscreen and a scarf.

“Whether it is breezy, sunny or cold, a scarf is your best bet. Carry enough undergarments but avoid overloading dresses and gowns you might just not wear,” adds Kavita. If travelling to a colder clime, avoid very heavy winter wear; instead carry thermals and try to layer. No matter how heavy your bag becomes, never forget to keep a tiny medicine kit of basic medicines like fever, stomach upset etc or if you are on any particular medication.

“In fact, most hotels offer toiletries so you can avoid this addition. Keep a copy of your passport and key documents – one in your hand baggage and one in your check-in baggage. A distinctive name tag or even a ribbon helps you identify your luggage with ease on the carousel,” advises Madhavan.     Always carry a spare set of clothing in hand baggage, just in case of a loss or delay in luggage arrival at destination.

“Soft top expandable suitcases are both convenient and  practical. Given rough baggage handling and multiple flights per trip, most travellers today prefer a hard top. For a short business trip, a hand baggage strolley is perfect – compact and convenient with a lap top attachment and it fits into the overhead bin,” he adds.

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