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Aviation enthusiasts came together on Wednesday morning at the Air Force Station in Yelahanka to witness ‘Aero India 2013’, which kicked off with some of the world’s best military aircraft hitting the skies. There were quite a few heart-stopping moments interspersed with ones of pure exhilaration.

The ninth edition of Bangalore’s flagship event opened to mixed reactions, since the much-hyped ‘Russian Knights’ were missing in action. First-timers at the event had their hearts in their mouths. But those who had seen the aero show before say that the manoeuvres didn’t match up to expectations.

Everyone sat with their eyes glued to the skies as the show opened with the ‘Vintage Tiger Moth’ — a plane that was widely used during the 1930s. The ancient but sturdy plane performed some manoeuvres before making a hasty — albeit graceful — exit.
 Next, the Tejas took centre stage and impressed one and all with their aerobatics, leaving behind a trail of smoke that literally painted the skies. The ‘Rafale’ and the ‘Flying Bulls’ were undoubtedly the stars of the inaugural.

The ‘Flying Bulls’ soared with perfect coordination and executed some of the stunts that they are best known for — the mirror formation, where two planes fly upright and two in an inverted position, for instance. Neither did they forget to perform the drunken manoeuvre as well as the somersaults. They also did a split in the skies before exiting. There were some signature formations by the Sarang team, F-16 and Su-30 MKI as well.  

The inaugural show was attended by VVIPs from the armed forces as well those holding high posts in the aviation industry from across the world — including China, Zimbabwe, United States and Spain. And, of course, aviation enthusiasts were in full

Metrolife interacted with people at the show and asked them what impressed them the most. Many spoke about the variety of aircraft, while others described the manoeuvres that they particularly liked. While most attendees appreciated the way the show was put together and the impressive lineup of aircraft, others thought this year’s edition didn’t match up to expectations.

Rajashree Iyer was disappointed because she didn’t get to see the manoeuvres she witnessed in the previous edition.

“The lineup of aircraft was impressive, but the manoeuvres and formations in the skies weren’t good enough. The ‘Flying Bulls’ were at their best with their inimitable moves and the ‘Rafale’ stole the show — but there’s something amiss this year,” she says.

Armed with a hat and an umbrella to keep off the heat, Pallavi Gurudath couldn’t help but admire the guts, courage and determination of the pilots. “I haven’t missed a single edition of the aero show and I think it’s getting better by the year. The manoeuvres by the ‘Flying Bulls’ more than made up for the missing Surya Kiran this year,” she notes.  
Trupti Raghu, a businesswoman, thought the F-16 and ‘Rafale’ to be impressive.

“As always, my heart skipped a beat when I saw them. They’re awesome and their manoeuvres are unmatched,” she concludes.

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