'Simplicity makes comedy unique'

'Simplicity makes comedy unique'

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The recipient of epithets like ‘Funniest kid in India’, ‘India’s answer to Jay Leno’, ‘India’s true comic icon’, Vir Das is unlike any other established comedian because he specialises in spoofing politicians.

“I am grateful that people pay me these compliments but for me it’s all about laughter,” says Vir, who seems to be unbound by the sobriquets and wants to explore more comic sense inside him.

“It feels good when people buy my show tickets but at the same time it is my responsibility to bowl them over with laughter. In that case, these compliments simply play a very small role in my life and don’t define the contours of my identity,” he explains.

But what is it that drives Vir to present comedy in a different way on the Indian stage? “I have seen a lot of high concept comedy and the trend is gradually catching up here too, which I try and incorporate in my acts.

Audiences too, have become more demanding when it comes to good humour,” says the funny man, for whom the fundamental rule is that comedy should be always simple. “It’s simplicity which makes comedy unique. I just observe human behaviour, pick points which annoy you and present them in an amusing way,” he explains.

Vir is in the City this week to give three live performances. He plans on looking at things that put you off and be a funny guide to democracy. “I have an inclination towards political comedy.

Anything new in political circuit, any comment by politicians and the way the democracy is being handled these days, are key focus areas during an act. On stage, I continue with the subject only after testing the public mood or else I move to the next topic. The effort is to keep things simple.” Which is not at all surprising as Vir’s News on the Loose, a show on a news channel gives an insight of his style in dealing with the politicians.

Besides being a stand-up comedian, Vir has become quite a known face in Bollywood after his performance in Badmaash Company and Delhi Belly. What do you love the most – movies, television or live acts? “I am comfortable with all these media of entertaining people. It allows me to pick and choose at any time. I don’t have to run for television shows, movies or live acts respectively to earn my livelihood. I have all the freedom to do what I want to do.”

Yet, his thrust remains on live performances since, “I am an artist and performing in front of a live audience completes me. There are many stupid things going on in my head which I want to share with my audience.”

What lies ahead? “I have no future plans except spending a weekend in Delhi after my shows. God knows, I may or may not be alive to do anything after that.” Point.

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