'Sonakshi is a dear friend'

Family bonding
Last Updated 08 February 2013, 14:28 IST

Sonakshi Sinha has already made a name for herself in tinsel town — and now, fans of the Sinha family have more to look forward to.

It seems that Sonakshi’s brother, Luv, has decided that it’s time for him to
enter the film industry as well.

Accordingly, Sonakshi and Luv spoke to Umesh Shukla — who directed the surprise hit, ‘Oh My God!’ — and asked him to cast them together in a film.

Umesh confirms, “They have approached me for a film, but I will not make a film unless I have a convincing script. Right now, it’s in a very initial stage. I am scripting a film for Sonakshi and Luv.”

Umesh is very clear that he doesn’t want to make a film simply for the sake of launching Luv.

 “I don’t want to make a film just because it has stars in it. For me, the content of the film matters the most. Let’s see how things fall in place,” he says.

And will the entire Sinha family will be part of the film?

“No, it’s not going to be the entire family. It’s only Sonakshi and Luv. Sonakshi is a dear friend and I want to make a special film for her,” says Umesh.

(Published 08 February 2013, 14:28 IST)

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