Settle in life and then obtain love

Last Updated 08 February 2013, 19:43 IST

Charminar ¬¬¬1/2

Kannada (U)

Director: R Chandru

Cast: Prem, Meghana Gaonkar, Rangayana Raghu

At the outset, the story is an everyday affair, mostly influenced by scores of similar offerings in Tamil and Telugu in the recent past. Mohan is a dud, who’s inspired by Radha right in high school to study and excel.

It’s also love at first sight for him, which he nurtures throughout his studies and then career.

The hitch is, he is not sure of her feelings, not after she declares to the principal that she knows only one love – of her mother’s. That rejection, however, spurs him on to turn his fortunes around. Fate presents him enough opportunities to declare his love, but Mohan is unable to capitalise on them. By the time he gathers his wits and courage, things have changed...

Chandru’s technique has evolved since Tajmahal. So much so that the emotional tension is muted here, with subtlety adding to the film’s impact. The opening segment of old school friends planning a reunion is endearing while also explaining the keenness of other producers to remake the story. Chandru’s dialogues sometimes slip, but overall, reach the intended audience.

Hari’s tunes are pleasing, while Gurukiran’s background score is zabardast. Chandrashekar’s camera sometimes gets too close for comfort, but captures the good-looking lead pair’s beauty and handsomeness in all their glory.

With Charminar, Prem shows some maturity in performance, restraining the urge to go overboard. Meghana finally gets a meaty part; Chandru could have avoided that needless controversy over his heroine’s dubbing. Her minimal expressions are sufficient for the character – her eyes doing most of the talking, like in the scene where the lovers unite.

Chandru doesn’t preach but manages to put across his message effectively. Families can have a good outing at Charminar.

(Published 08 February 2013, 19:43 IST)

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