Increasing transport costs push onion prices up

The  soaring prices of vegetables and fruits do not seem to be giving any respite to people. In one month, the price of onions has skyrocketed, forcing many households to cut down on the purchase of this staple vegetable.

In January, the price of onion in retail market was Rs 22 per kg and, by February 5, it increased by Rs 12 and touched Rs 34 a kg. It is not just the common man who has been hit by the rise in the price of onion but also hoteliers who purchase the poor man’s vegetable on a large scale.

The Russell Market shop vendors attributed the rise in prices of onion, potato and tomato to the increase in transport costs following the hike in diesel price.

“The vegetables arriving from Maharashtra used to cost Rs 60,000 a load. But, now it has gone up to Rs 80,000 due to increase in diesel prices,” a vendor said.  

Shivakumar, a vendor at Malleshwaram vegetable market, said price of vegetables and fruits varies on the location. “I have seen many vendors charging double the market price for vegetables/fruits especially near malls, commercial complexes and in upmarket areas. I have my own doubts about the quality of the products available in super markets as most of them are refrigerated and preserved for longer durations.”

Some vegetable vendors have hiked the prices following a decline in production and supply of vegetables. Referring to fluctuating vegetable prices, Aruna, a homemaker, said: “ I have cut down on vegetables such as garlic and onion and started using other vegetables more. As a result, of late, my family’s food habits have changed.”

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