'I was supported by the film fraternity'

'I was supported by the film fraternity'

Turning Stronger

'I was supported by the film fraternity'

The suave Kamal Hassan looked relaxed and surprised his fans on his visit to the City recently. He expressed his happiness at the overwhelming support he received from his colleagues from all across the country and gratitude to the audience for accepting Vishwaroopam. Metrolife caught up with him at ITC Windsor.

“Fortunately, the protest was not that long, I was supported by the film fraternity although it is known for a ‘every man for himself’ attitude. However, all that has been kept aside by them. They have gone out of their way and spoken in defence of me and in good faith,’’ he says.

He strongly feels that much controversy has been created about the film and that people need to enjoy the film now. Overwhelmed by the response that he has received from his fans, he says the sole purpose of the film was to entertain and since its release, that is what it has done. “That is exactly how it was supposed to be. The love and admiration that I received was humbling,” he smiles.

His eyes light up at the mention of Birju Maharaj. He goes on to say that the dance maestro’s style is absolutely inimitable. “I was trained under a guru called Kulkarni in bharatanatyam and I also know a bit of kuchipudi. But Birju Maharaj’s style is inimitable. There is so much admiration that I have for him. There is, at least 40 to 45 years of love, for this gentleman and I am always looking for one excuse or another to bring him to my field of activity.’’

“I had tried to bring him earlier for Vardhanayakam but that was not for me. Someone else was dancing in it. It did not work out. However, I have had the occasion to dance with him, without any audience, when he came home many years ago. That was very impromptu. He loved the way I danced and plucked out a ghungroo and gave it to me. I still have it.”

“If at all there is Birju Maharaj’s style in the film, it is because I have practised that it in my mind all these years,” he adds. He explains that men have their own style of dancing, which is very different, and should not be compared to that of a woman.

And for now, he is busy with Vishwaroopam 2 and has already completed 20 per cent of the shoot.