Poor and needy face tough time to get treatment

200 doctors and 400 assisting staff continue their protest

 Treatments to the patients are costing high as they are knocking doors of private hospitals as protest of doctors have locked up the government hospitals. While the elite group is unaffected by the protests, it is the underprivileged ones who are facing the heat.

They have been forcibly turned towards private hospitals thereby posing various difficulties owing to closure of hospitals which come under health department since four days as doctors are on strike urging fulfilment of various demands.

The economically backward community is struggling to get even minimum treatment.
There are a total of 120 Primary Health Centres in district, five community health centres and six taluk hospitals. No hospital has registered visit of doctors since the strike has begun.

District health and family welfare officer Dr Marigowda told Deccan Herald all hospitals are locked.

“As many as 200 doctors are in district government hospital with 400 assisting staff. There is  no one to even look after the hospitals as all have participated in the protest,” he added.


He mentioned that medical staff of community health centres as well as taluk hospitals have participated in the strike which has forced inpatients to obtain discharge. Meanwhile, outpatients are returning after witnessing the locked doors.
District Hospital of Mandya which was previously under health department has handed over it to Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS) after its establishment.

This has triggered intensified protests all over district.
Patients who arrived at health centres on Monday morning did wait for a long time hoping to avail treatment, but later returned with disappointment after they realised that hospitals will not function due to ongoing strikes.

A hapless patient who was returning to his village observed that he has no financial support to get treated in elite private hospitals.

“I will come tomorrow to find whether the government hospitals are open,” he added.
Number of patients in MIMS andother private hospitals has seen a rise after the government hospitals remained closed.

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