Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Deepavali in White House


 Sir, By celebrating Deepavali in White House, US President Obama has sprung a pleasant surprise and set a healthy precedent.   The official recognition given to the light of festivals has placed Obama on a high pedestal.   May the good words and deeds by Obama earn him the Nobel Prize which he has received but not yet earned!.






Deepavali  celebration  by  Obama


At a time when undue restrictions are placed in India on bursting of crackers to rejoice the triumph of light over darkness, the celebrations of Deepavali by the US President Barack Obama comes as  a pleasant surprise.   The official recognition given to the festival of lights in the White House has brought cheers to the millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains.   Obama deserves to be congratulated for setting a welcome precedent.


K.V. Seetharamaiah,



Cracker debris

After every Diwali festival we find mounds of cracker debris lying all over the streets of the city. People tend to use the roads to fire crackers rather than their own premises. This not only adds to fire hazard but leads to sound and air pollution. Despite the best precautions some child or the other gets hurt, sometimes seriously as to lose his / her eye. It is too much to expect that crackers would be banned but there is a place to use these with care and that too modestly. The money saved could be given to worthwhile causes like flood / drought relief.

D.B.N. Murthy



Tamil Nadu cracker tragedy


The grim tragedy of cracker blast  at Pallipattu , TN, claimed  32 lives as per the latest report. The rules are laid down for the safety of people, but the cracker manufacturers and shopkeepers defy with impunity. The rules say that crackers should be sold in open places and there should not be any residence within 200 metre radius. With the onrush of Diwali season, these norms are flouted both by the traders and  customers.

 The Pallipattu tragedy could have been avoided if the shutters were not closed, but the shop keeper wanted to ensure payment for purchases. The district administration should have been more careful, knowing the habits and trends of people.  While the defaulters are brought to book to stand trial and exemplary punishment, it is also necessary for the public to adhere to safety norms and not go in for a mad rush. If a simple queue system was followed, this tragedy could have been avoided. It is a pity that we, as a people do not learn lessons from such mishaps. Who can help except ourselves?




Universal blessings


Seeing US President Obama bowing to a lighted lamp along with a Hindu priest, in, of all the incredible places, the White House, set me thinking. Maybe those of us who take pride in our Hindu culture and heritage are really better off now in foreign lands where even the governments are not averse to doing rituals that are for universal benefit.


I read about Vedic chants being recited before Senate sessions commenced in some states of the USA. I read about a World Sanskrit Conference held in Kyoto, Japan, this year. And we all heard of how the Shanti Mantra was recited before the South African Parliament began its tenure last year. 


 Can you imagine Vedic chanting in our Lok Sabha? Our very own Dr. Rajendra Prasad was not allowed to hold a reading of the Ram Charitra Manas in the Parliament building before the first Lok Sabha session! How we miss out on universal blessings because we live in fear of hurting the 'religious' sentiments of minorities. Or, and here's a cynical thought, are all these other governments doing this for the same reason that our government is not - to appease minorities? 


Sujata Srinath

Deserve more aid from Centre

206 deaths, 15 districts affected, crop loss crossing 1.50 lakh hectares and estimated damage is Rs 20,000-00 crore . This is the result of  recent incessant rain in north Karnataka. 50 death, 5 districts affected, crop loss   is 1.15 lakh hectares and estimated damage is Rs 12,225-00 crore. This is the status in Andra Pradesh.

On plain comparison of these figures one can easily access the magnitude of loss is more in our State than in AP, on all counts. Where as centre has declared Rs 1000-00 crore central Aid to both states. Our state deserves more Aid proportionate to loss incurred. Will our MPs put pressure on this aspect and release more aid from centre?


Mudgal Venkatesh,

Gulbarga 585 105

Terror outfits getting stronger

The spate of terror strikes in Pakistan in recent times is a clear indication of the terror outfits like Taliban and al-Queda are strengthening their base there. They are gaining an upper hand over the civilian government.   The terror outfits have made their presence, it is reported, in the ISI and defense  forces.

N R Ramachandran,



Why should cops apologise?


I refer to the report J& K cricket body demands apology from Karnataka police.


 It is unfortunate that every time the police take action to pre-empt possible terror attacks they are blamed. If they do not, they are criticised as incompetent.  Police based on certain leads took action as Chinnaswamy Stadium is a public place with thousands of spectators gathering to watch the Cricket match. No attacks may have been carried out, but then what is the guarantee that it would not happen? All participants should appreciate the compulsions under which police have to work in the larger interest of public welfare and safety. Granted that the police may have been overzealous, but that is small inconvenience and should not be construed as profiling. Where is the need for the police to apologise .


Bangalore 560 008

Get on with the job

It is strange that Suresh Kalmadi has gone into an immature confrontation with the Commonwealth Games Federation by demanding the recall of CEO Hooper from his overseeing commitments in Delhi.
 With the slow pace of preparations here, CGF has been rightly pointing out time & again that the local Organising Committee has to gear up its coordination-efforts.  Instead of getting on with the job on a swifter scale, Kalmadi has gone into a personality-clash & this does not augur well for India's international sports-diplomacy.

Kalmadi is chewing more than he can swallow and it is time that sports administrators learn to exemplify the sportive & supportive spirit.


Poda De,


Dhoni's moves failed; BCCI bungled

BCCI has tried to show that it is very serious and sacked Prasad and Robin and also put an axe on Dravid. BCCI is trying to find scapegoats for the debacle both in T20 and ODIs. But the problem lies elsewhere. It was the Team work that played and lost in both the tournaments. Dhoni is practically answerable for the debacle since most of his moves had failed.
For instance change in the batting order will put psychological pressure on the batsman and Dhoni should first regulate this aspect. In the yesteryears when the 3 Ws like Walcott, Weekes and Worrel  dominated the mighty Windies cricket.It was true that Frank Worrel used to sleep until he got down to bat at no5 after Walcott at no 3 and Weekes at 4 used to bat. It is a question of mindset and Worrel was easily one of the best in the Cricket history.
BCCI should first chide the captain and then only the coaches. In case of Dravid it is an unnecessary insult to one of the greatest batsmen in the World BCCI played badly! BCCI was very autocratic and such attitude is negative and not good for cricket!

Dravid was undeservedly dropped and mind you he scored 71 against Pakistan, and that is his way of game and technique. As Anil Kumble puts it is not the way to treat one of the greatest players in the cricket history of India and also a former captiain earlier on! BCCI behaved badly and meted out such a treatment to Dravid who used to give 100%to India at any time. BCCI needs to be revamped first; rather  than any other coach or player it is BCCI  which has bungled!




Must improve


We are in the final phase of the champions league T20 matches. All the IPL teams are out of the tournament. There are few things to learn from this. We must improve a lot professionally and play as team. The local teams/clubs in other countries  play well. So we must give importance to the Ranji teams to churn out talent. I feel CLT20 is far, far better than IPL in terms of quality of players.




Is more proof required?

I do not understand why Mr. Chidambaram should wait for another terror strike to act with 'swift and decisive response'. Is Pakistan's repeated refusal to act against Hafiz Saeed the master mind of 26/11 in spite giving proofs of his involvement is not enough? Let us not lose more innocent lives in this waiting game. Our home minister need not be told; it is sensible to be proactive.


K R Anandagopalan,

Bangalore 560 024.


 Punjab govt violates equal pay for equal work


The state of Punjab is not clear as to how many jobs of teachers are lying vacant in the state and that is the reason different figures have been given by ministers which are misleading people.  The state has not come forward as to how they are managing the classes without these teachers. It is also not clear as to whether the teachers shall be appointed on contract or on regular basis.  The state could not explain as to why are teachers appointed on contract  when they perform the same job as the regular faculty and as to why the state is violating the concept of equal pay for equal work laid down in the Constitution of India.


Dalip Singh Wasan,




Heavyweights play truant

There were a number of banners in front of more than 3-4 parks located in BSK 3rd. stage, 100 ft. ring road. One such park situated opposite Sai Motors in the  same area  showed that political heavyweights were to inaugurate the high masts and innumerable and unnecessary park lights,(numbering at least 28  which were not required) on  Oct,16, 2009 at 6.30 pm.

To the surprise of the eager public who visit the parks, there was a great disappointment for them as nobody came to inaugurate till 7 pm on that evening.

Besides, it is learnt that surprisingly, no arrangements were in place to entrust the duty of switch on/off the lights or automatic switch on/off arrangements has been made so far. Thus, the efforts of BBMP to install the lights became meaningless.

People want to know when such an arrangements would be made and why they were not done at the time of inauguration.

B S Raghavendra Rao,



Religion and politics

This is my response to Mr.Kanchan Illaiah's article on ugly politics.
First and foremost lets put an end to this false propaganda that there were deaths of poor & weaker sections due to YSR's death. Its a shameful act to gain political mileage of the deaths of poor people. The department of health and also the family of the deceased have confirmed that the deaths had nothing to do with Mr. Rajashekhar Reddy's demise. Coming to the core aspect, Mr. Kanchan Illaiah has been critical of the Congress workers in this article of building statues of   YSR Let me put in a counter moot question to him. Why wasn't he critical of Mayawati who is going around building statues of herself, Ambedkar and Kanshiram? They are all Buddhist. Buddhism does not endorse idol worship or statues. Isn't it a shear case of exhibiting double standards?
To say that the Christian ethic made YSR take up welfare measures is far from truth. I guess he has forgotten that PV Narasimha Rao  who was the architect of India's turnaround, Manmohan Singh, AB Vajpayee, Rajiv Gandhi who brought about many reforms were not Christians. Religion has nothing to do with welfare measures. Its all about resolve.

It is time we stop promoting hatred towards any religion or caste and work towards our goal of being a superpower.


 Pramod Dikshit



Candid analysis

This refers to your analytical and candid editorial 'Glaring Bias'(DH, Oct 16) throwing an even light on the modality of selection of literary persons for the coveted Nobel Prize. The inherent lapse to ferret around for the deserving personalities has often resulted in incalculable damage to the prestigious Swedish academy. It is almost unpardonable that Leo Tolstoy, Marcel Proust and Franz Kafka could not make it to the award, although they represented three major European languages and they were easily the best known celebrities.


Back home in India, it was lack of proper PR work by the Academies that many merited writers were deprived of this award. But for William Butler Yeats, our own tall poet Rabindranath Tagore would not have got the award. In fact his contemporaries like Premchand and, Sharat Chandra Chatterjee missed the bus as none highlighted them in the international circuit. .And recently, in  Kannada literati, three eminent writers--K V Puttappa, Shivarana Karanth and D R Bendre--could not get this award though their contributions were of superior quality.  Lack of immediate translation into other Indian and foreign languages and also our anti English slant have definitely dimmed our chances.    



HOSPET- Bellary dist.