MUDA proposes to widen 66 roads

MUDA proposes to widen 66 roads

He said MCC must take measures to widen the roads for the people to take benefits of Mangalore master plan.

Some of the proposed roads for widening are Sultan battery-Jodupalli-Kudroli-Lower Carstreet-Gandhi sons-police station-State Bank; Urwa market-Mannagudda-Chitra talkies-Car street, Ganapathy High School road, Hampankatta-State Bank, Bijai Church Road-Shedigudde market-Hampankatta-State Bank, Hampankatta-PVS Circle via Nava Bharath Circle, Mangaladevi link road, Woodlands-Balamatta Road, Bunder Road, Hampanakatta-Mangaladevi Road, Mariyamma Temple Road at Urwa, and Mahatma Gandhi Road.

For the maintenance of cleanliness within city limits, the use of plastic must be banned (below 20 micron) and the use of colour plastics must be banned.

Measures should be taken to close drains which pass through the City. All the toilets must be joined to drainage.


Dr Bhandary said railings must be installed to all the footpaths. The footpaths must be minimum of 3.5 metre wide. Drainage system must be improved. Drains must be cleaned to avoid artificial floods every year. Stormwater drains which join river should be corrected near Common Wealth Tiles factory. A rule must be formulated to fell trees in the city limits. For every tree felled, 10 saplings must be planted. Fig and Banyan saplings must be planted on either side of the roads. In Gram Panchayat limits, 10 acres must be earmarked for park, 10 acres for sports ground and one small swimming pool.