With campus abuzz, a perfect weekend

Two-day Fun Fair at Vishwakavi Kuvempu First Grade College in city kicks off
Last Updated 23 February 2013, 19:37 IST

It is gala time at Vishwakavi Kuvempu First Grade College here for two days, with the ‘Funfair’ kicking off on Saturday, marking an exciting weekend for students of the host college as well as for others.

The campus, abuzz with activities failed to attract students towards the aroma of various delicious food items in food stalls. However, students enthusiastically thronged the games’ section and waited for long for their turn. Although students visited snack parlours of their mates, the outsiders who had rented the stalls were in for a disappointment.

The fair has been organised by the students of BBM and BCom and is being conducted for the first time on the campus. They had invited as many as 33 colleges to be part of the fair.

Students partook in almost all activities organised by their fellow students and even persuaded their lecturers and other trustees to involve in the event.
Among the games, three water games captured the interest of students.

Dropping coins into a tumbler kept in a bucket filled with water, tossing coins into water tumblers and passing the ball to successive tumblers without touching it were the most popular games.

Organisers even had a mathematical test for students to take them down memory lane. The participants had to write numbers from one to 100 within one minute and 30 seconds, neatly without any mistakes.

Another game was to throw a CD into a half cut watermelon kept six feet away. Students had three chances to prove their capacity in throwing. Other games were picking up small balls from a bowl and transfering them to other with ice cream spoons (sticks) within one minute.

The winners pocketed cash prizes, chocolates and soft drinks as prizes. Students could also dedicate songs to their friends, but at a cost of Rs 5.

Panipuri, churmuri, samosa, fish and chicken kebabs, vegetable pulav, Nandini milk items, juice and other snacks were available at the venue.

Food vendors from outside were disappointed with students busy enjoying the events. Gyan Chand, a golgappa vendor, sharing his experience with Deccan Herald, said, till 1 pm he had made not more than Rs 30 (ie three plates of golgappas), but was happy to be a part of the event and hoped for more business by the evening.

Nischitha and Arun Kumar, final year students of BBM, said, it was fun to be a part of the organising team and the event provided them a break from routine academic activities. They opine that they also got an opportunity to understand the hurdles while organising an event.

Ranjini and B C Prakash, first year BCom students, assured their seniors of taking the event forward by hosting the same in coming years too.

(Published 23 February 2013, 19:37 IST)

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