A fine balance

A fine balance

The NMKRV College for Women has churned out many a women. It has made them stronger and more independent. Through its various activities, the college instills in these women, ethics and values. With a focus on socially relevant issues, the college inculcates a sense of commitment, dedication and discipline among the students toward issues. 

Preti, a final year BA student owes her sense of discipline to her college, “The quality of education and emphasis on values is something unique to the college. The college gives us an insight into other cultures but makes sure it retains its own,” says Preti.

Rayanna, another first BA student says she doesn’t imitate the West rather blindly, she takes in what is relevant and leaves out the rest.

“The mode of teaching teaches us to be liberal in thought and action. The college plays a pivotal roles in moulding our personality in the right direction,” she says. Suraksha, a second year student and is thankful for the well-trained faculty who apart from teaching also guide the students toward a better, brighter future.

The students feel the college strikes a good balance between academics and extra curricular activities. “The college has churned out many a sports personalities and inspires us to think bigger and aim higher,” says Suraksha. According to Shruti, a final year arts student says the college hones one’s intellectual, cultural and social development of an individual.“ The cultural activities and competitions that take place on campus keep us busy throughout the year. They provide a platform to showcase our talent,” she adds.