Dance of martial art

Dance of martial art


A contemporary Kalaripayattu performance will be held at Chowdiah Memorial Hall on October 21, 8 pm. The event, called Ashankh, involves contemporary dancers working with traditional Kalari artistes from Kerala, weapon-wielding women duelling with men, contemporary musicians like V Ashok and guitarist Bruce Lee Mani performing live with traditional percussionists and beautiful choreography assimilating many martial art forms into dance.

The programme will be inaugurated by actress and danseuse Lakshmi Gopalswamy.
The programme will pay tribute to legendary heroes and heroines and the qualities they personified, by translating them into abstractions within the framework of a performance using the physical language of Kalaripayattu.

This flamboyant work is choreographed by Dil Sagar, renowned Kalari champion, artiste, teacher and contemporary dancer and is based on the fluid yet powerful movements and usage of weapons from traditional Kalaripayattu, integrated with elements from contemporary dance.

Traditional Kalari artistes will come together on stage with contemporary dancers and noted musicians to create a modern piece of theatrical martial art work that takes its source from diverse martial forms.