A perpetual romantic at heart

A perpetual romantic at heart

Emotional chord

One can say he is a Yash Chopra in the making. A complete romantic at heart, director Prem Soni, was eagerly looking forward to the release (on October 16) of his debut film, Main Aurr Mrs Khanna starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Prem, who was in the City recently to promote the film, admits that the movie has “been a dream come true”.
“I knew Salman bhai,” he says. “When I wrote this script, he agreed to hear it. He told me that if he likes it, he will work in it.”

Was it the name Prem that helped him strike a chord with Salman? He laughs, “I don’t know. But in this film, Salman’s name is not Prem, it’s Sameer Khanna.”
The director feels he can relate to Salman’s character. “It’s a very tough character to portray and every man can relate to him.”

According to Prem, Main in the title refers to both the leading men of the film.
“I have made a film that I truly believe in. It’s a clean, positive and happy film.”
The director admits that he has come across many people with problems in their relationships. All these experiences inspired him to make the film.

“Relationships are often unpredictable. When you are in one, you don’t know whether it will be fruitful.” But is it true that the film will make one want to get married?
“It does make you believe in the institution of marriage. But that doesn’t mean you come out of the theatre and say ‘Let’s get married’,” he laughs.

What does he have to say about Preity Zinta’s role in the film?
“Preity plays the role of Haseena Jagmagia, a theatre actor from Pakistan. She is a diva and is hilarious. She has never played a role like this before,” he informs. “She comes at a point of time that changes everything in the film.”

Did it worry him that MAMK was released on the same day as multi-starrers Blue and All The Best’?

“I was only worried about the opening of the film. When many films release on the same day, their opening gets affected.”

Not many know that MAMK is a two-hour movie unlike the usual three-hour sagas. “It’s an internationally formatted film,” informs Prem.

He believes that long films aren’t required in the industry anymore. “Unless it’s an autobiography, I wouldn’t want to make a three-hour film.”
So how has his tryst with Bollywood been?

“I have had an amazing time working on the film. We shot in Australia, Dubai, Thailand and Panchgani and it’s been a smooth sailing so far.”
He adds, “But I am still very new in the industry and feel that I am more of a writer than a director.”

He is working on another project, but doesn’t reveal much about it. But one thing is sure, that it will be a love story.

“Love is the most amazing emotion. There is so much one can do with love and emotion,” he quips. “Why should I retire after making one film,” he asks as he signs off.