Last minute cramming

Last minute cramming

Exam fever

Gathering notes in the last minute, running to the library to borrow books, setting aside money for xeroxing notes and finally trying to study these notes, which suddenly seems like a mountain.These are some of the activities noticed among students these days.
The best part of this kind of studying is that there is a lot of fun involved, especially the process of gathering notes in the last minute.

In order to make work more simple, most of the students get into group studies.
Shwetha Subramani, a final-year student of MSW from Christ University, says, “Last- minute studying has always got me better marks. I gather notes a week before my exams. I read through them and highlight the key points that would be easy for me to register just before the exam. I use code words which makes me remember the points. This is lot of work but it has been fruitful.”

She says, “I spend some time with my classmates as well. We actually do a bit of group studying.This way, I am able to learn from my friends also. Studying never becomes boring.”

“Moreover, I remember what I have learnt by keeping in mind the incidents which took place while we were studying. It is a lot of fun.”

Some of them also say that they learn to handle pressure. While doing group studies, students take breaks and go out for lunch, dinner or coffee. Most of them feel that these small memorable moments make learning fun and help bond well with friends.

Navleena, a second-year BBM student of CMR College, says, “There is nothing like studying at the last minute. There are two factors involved here, fear and fun. If one of us gets hold of some notes from the seniors or elsewhere, the notes begin doing its rounds to the xerox shops. We meet up in college or at somebody’s place and start studying when there is just two to three weeks more for exams.” 

On the other side, there are also some students who say that last minute preparation does not help them much and that is why they study before hand and gather notes well in advance.

Thushara S, a final-year B Com student from Krupanidhi Institute of Management, says “Last-minute studying usually does not help me much for some of my practical subjects like accounts as the subject demands a lot of practice. Studying in the last minute has proved to be a disadvantage. All the formulae, principles and equations get juggled up. But there are other subjects for which I can afford to wait till the last minute. I begin gathering notes during study holidays and start my preparations as soon as I get the notes.”