2 held for Babu Mugera's death

2 held for Babu Mugera's death

He was poisoned to death using cyanide

The arrest has established that Mugera’s death is not an unnatural death but on the contrary was a well planned murder.

On November 27, 2008, when Mugera was on his way back home, he saw a bottle of liquor, a pack of soap and a pack of biscuit. Mugera picked it up and took it to his house.

He had handed over the soap and biscuit to his wife and had consumed the liquor from the bottle.

Within few minutes of consuming the liquor, Mugera suffered severe stomach ache and died.

Though the incident was registered as unnatural death, his post mortem reports showed traces of cyanide consumption. While the case of closed, his brother, Chinkra filed  a complaint against Sheena Gowda and Keshava Gowda alleging the two of killing Mugera due to some property dispute, in August 2009.

During investigation police arrested a goldsmith named Ramaraya Achar who revealed that Sheena Gowda had taken cyanide from him about three days before the death of Mugera.
Accordingly, Sheena Gowda and Keshava Gowda have been arrested.

SP Dr Subramanyeshwar Rao said that justice has been rendered to the family as otherwise the case would have remained closed as an unnatural death.