New set of penalties for erring SSLC evaluators

New set of penalties for erring SSLC evaluators

New set of penalties for erring SSLC evaluators

The Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) is looking at introducing various slabs of penalties for erring SSLC evaluators.

The Board has so far been imposing penalties ranging from fines to blacklisting evaluators committing mistakes of a grave nature.

Now, it has worked out different slabs of penalties commensurate with an evaluator’s mistakes.

According to the slab system, evaluators who commit mistakes leading to a difference in marks ranging from zero to 15 will be issued a warning. A difference between 15 and 30 marks will attract a fine of Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 plus a remark.

Serious penalties

Mistakes that lead to a variation of 30 to 50 marks will invite a higher penalty and the evaluator’s name mentioned in the service register. The most serious penalties will be reserved for mistakes between 50 and 70 marks.

Those committing mistakes leading to a difference in the above marks will be blacklisted and their yearly increments cut.

Asked whether the penalties would be introduced this year, KSEEB Director (Administration) Venkateshiah said modalities were being worked out and it would be too early to say anything in this regard.

“Whatever the penalty, it should not cross the remuneration that is Rs 2,500. Moreover, the penalty should be equivalent to the mistake,” he said.

Commissioner of Public Instruction Umashankar voiced similar views.
“We want a system that will ensure mistakes don’t go unnoticed. A system that will ensure greater penalty for greater negligences and lesser penalty for lesser negligences,” he said.

Teachers in charge of evaluation had in the past opposed the various punitive measures taken by the education department.

“Earlier, penalties were indiscriminate and did not look at small or big mistakes. The new system will be more fair in terms of the kind of mistakes made.

“Most of all, it will ensure students do not suffer,” said H K Manjunath, president, Karnataka State High School Assistant Masters’ Association.