Three arrested for murder of businessman

Three arrested for murder of businessman

The Basavanagudi police claimed to have solved the mystery behind abduction and murder of a businessman by arresting three men Friday.

The arrested have been identified as Nayeemullah Khan, 29, a resident of BG Road, Huchappa Naika, 37, and Javare Naika, 28, both from Hullahalli village in Nanjanagud taluk. Police allege that the three men abducted Syed Asif Pasha, 28, a resident of Ranoji Rao Road, Basavanagudi, murdered him, burnt the body and then abandoned it in the Kabini river.

One of the arrested, Nayeemullah Khan, knew the victim as both men were partners in a business. The partnership, however, allegedly took a turn for the worst when Nayeemullah obtained a loan of Rs 30 lakh from Pasha on the condition that he would return the money by March 4. “Realising that he would not be able to repay the loan, Nayeemullah allegedly plotted with Javare and Huchappa Naika to kill Pasha,” police added.

The crime

Claiming that he would repay the money in Mysore, Nayeemullah convinced Pasha to join him and the others for a trip to the royal city. The four men departed Pasha’s home at 11.30 pm on March 2. While they were on the road towards Malavalli, the men allegedly slit Pasha’s throat and stabbed him several times, killing him.

“They stopped the car near Hullahalli and burned the body, later disposing of it near the Bidargodu pump house,” police said and added that the men returned to Bangalore after that.

Attempts by Pasha’s brother, Syed Azar, to contact his brother that night, failed, and when Pasha failed to turn up at home the following morning, Azar filed a missing person’s complaint with police the next day. On March 4, however, Azar also informed police that Nayeemullah owed Pasha Rs 30 lakh and expressed fears that Pasha may have been abducted for extortion.

“The case was cracked after a special team was constituted and began a hunt to find Pasha,” police added.