3 held for killing flatmate

3 held for killing flatmate

Victim made sexual advances towards accuseds wife

 Enraged over his flatmate making sexual advances towards his wife, a 24-year-old man, helped by his wife and their relative, killed him and then fled the murder spot in west Delhi’s Tilak Nagar.

The trio were tracked down and arrested on Friday, three days after police received information about the murder.

Manoj Kumar, his 22-year-old wife Rani Devi and their relative Saroj Kumar, 20, were arrested from their native place in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur, said a senior police officer.   
Police received a call on March 6 that foul smell was emanating from a flat in Shyam Nagar in Tilak Nagar.

They found the ground floor of the house, the source of the foul smell, to be vacant.  
A highly decomposed body with injuries to the head was discovered under a heap of gunny bags in one of the rooms. A trail of blood ended under a bed on the top floor of the house.

Police found the house belonged to Prabhjeet Singh, a resident of east Punjabi Bagh. He ran a confectionary shop in Moti Nagar where Manoj and Ramu were employed. 

Singh told police that he had rented out the premises to the trio allegedly involved in the murder. The victim, identified as Raju, lived with them. He too hailed from their native place and was working in the same confectionary shop.

Manoj reportedly revealed that on February 26, Raju made sexual advances towards Rani that led to a quarrel between him and the victim.

With a plan to murder Raju, Manoj struck his head with a stone while he was still sleeping on the morning of February 27. The trio then placed the body on the unused ground floor of the house. They fled for their native place the same day.