Celebrating womanhood through artwork

Last Updated 11 March 2013, 15:52 IST

Art has always been used as a language or a means of communication. So, on the International Women’s Day, the PHD Chamber of Commerce organised a collection of artworks by eminent artists from across India on the theme ‘Women Beyond Boundaries’. The exhibition which began on March 8 will go on till the 14th.

It showcases sculptures and paintings by renowned artists like Bipasha Sen Gupta, Biplab Sarkar, Priyendra Shukla, Rishma Uppal, Renuka Sodhi Gulati and Gagan Vij which are focused on ‘women’s empowerment and justice’ and present a larger picture.

“There is something amazing in women. They are beautiful, soft, gentle, strong, vibrant and powerful, the fullness of whom is being kept hidden from the world. The world needs this beauty brought forward, to shine, to share and to engage with all of life,” shares Bipasha Sen Gupta. The exhibition focuses on understanding women better and to help them realise their potential as individuals.

It is an attempt to showcase women as being far more than than their bodies. It moves beyond the objectification of the female, instead highlighting the fact that she too is in dire need of caring and love.

Biplab Sarkar maintains that he is incomplete without a woman. “To me, a woman is the fragrance as well as the flower. I am merely a beggar who craves to be complete in her flesh and soul and in every other possible sense. My heart knows I cannot be a complete man without a woman.”

The exhibition also highlights the fact that women are the nurturers who keep their families together and, that their role in the family and society cannot be over-estimated. But, in today’s time, the violation of women’s funda­mental rights through physical, mental, emotional and sexual violence have become common in the society and this issue needs to be addressed at every level.

The contemporary artworks of these talented artists are being applauded as they contribute towards sensitising society towards women – especially in the light of the violence that has increased
of late.

(Published 11 March 2013, 15:52 IST)

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