Not just for the geeks!

Not just for the geeks!

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Not just for the geeks!

The first ever fest organised by the Bachelors of Computer Applications (BCA) students of MS Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce, called ‘Algorhythm 2013’, recently took place on their campus.

What was different about this occasion was that unlike other science fests, it included cultural and sports events too.

And the name itself shows this — ‘Algorithm’ for science, ‘go’ for sports and ‘rhythm’ for cultural events.

“We created this fest to give computer science students from different colleges a chance to enhance their talent and knowledge. It created a common platform for them to share ideas and values and focus on their future. Normally, BCA students are never associated with sports or culture but we wanted to give them this exposure for a change,” informs Pratibha V Kalburgi, HOD of the department of computer science.

The fest opened with a motivational speech by Vijay Rajagopalan, practice director at Cognizant. In his informative presentation, he touched upon various relevant issues in the field of IT, including how to make oneself employable in the industry. It was an interactive and informative session and he also gave students tips on increasing confidence and strengthening their basics.

Immediately after that, the actual fest began in the various classrooms and auditorium of the college, with students running from one place to the other to participate in the events.

In fact, 35 colleges of the City took part in the two-day fest, which offered a variety of events to choose from — volleyball, cricket, film-making, ‘mad ads’, photography, throwball and many more. While the group dance was the most popular event on day one, the fashion show saw the largest crowd on day two.

“It’s great to be here — the organisers have visibly put in a lot of effort, especially in terms of the kind of events that are planned. It’s the first time I’m coming to Ramaiah and I’m very excited because I’ve heard a lot about the college,” says Deepak Gowda of Community Institute of Management Studies, who participated in the PPT and photography events.

Rahul Baiju, a student of Kristu Jayanti College, adds, “I’m glad I came for the fest because it’s a tight competition since there are over 30 colleges participating. I’ve come to learn new things, network with my peers and have fun. I’m participating in photography, video editing and arm wresting.”