Spicy delights for every occasion

Spicy delights for every occasion

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Spicy delights for every occasion

RNR Family Restaurant, which is located on Castle Street in Ashok Nagar, provides a range of delicious items for both vegetarians as well as meat-lovers. The tandoori dishes, in particular, are quite popular here.

The restaurant has pleasant lighting and can seat around 30 people. The place is continuously buzzing with energy from noon to almost 3 pm, since the eatery is
surrounded by different organisations that ensure that customers are always coming in. So, if you want some quiet time to enjoy your meal, the right time to be there would be for dinner. “Most of our crowd comprises of professionals. The place is bustling with orders during the lunch hours. Many of our customers go for the meal options during that time but anything on the menu is available all through the day,” says Shivaram Krishnan, the owner of the eatery. “Most people come here for the Chettinad-style meals. A
major proportion of our customers are South Indians,” he adds.

Ask Shivaram if adjustments to the menu are a possibility and he replies, “There are people who ask us if the spices can be adjusted and we do that readily. The salt and oil content can also be managed, since most of the food is freshly prepared after the order is made. Also, if a customer wants a particular item added, we try and accommodate it to the maximum.”

The menu, which has a lot to offer, is a treat for any foodie. It includes regular items like soups and starters as well as full-fledged meals. There are a nice variety of gravy items and Indian breads. While regular soups like tomato and sweet corn are on the menu, there are also some interesting options like the ‘Chettinad mutton bone soup’. When it comes to the appetisers, some of the popular dishes are the vegetable spring rolls and paneer 65 for vegetarians, as well as the ‘chicken pepper salt’ and ‘dragon chicken’ for the meat-munchers.

For those who are looking for something a little more filling, there are options like tangiri kebab, Chettinad mutton masala and ‘chilli crab’ for the non-vegetarians, which will go well with garlic naan or kulcha. For the vegetarians, there is the paneer butter masala, sabzi kadai, dum aloo Hyderabadi and other dishes.

RNR Family Restaurant is located at No. 32 Castle Street, Ashok Nagar. For home delivery, call 25564224.