Don't ignore mother tongue: Na D'Souza

Don't ignore mother tongue: Na D'Souza

He was addressing students at a Kannada Jagruthi programme for college students at Government First Grade College here on Thursday.

Students of nowadays are neglecting mother tongue with the illusion that they cannot live without English. Cubbon, an English administrator, had ordered for the development of Kannada language. Unfortunately, the officials born and brought up in Karnataka have disdain for Kannada, he said.

“It is only in Karnataka, we have an organisation called Kannada Development Authority. There is no such organisation in our neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Students should join their hands with the KDA in promoting Kannada,” D’Souza appealed.
Delivering a special talk, Kuvempu University Kannada faculty Dr H Prashanth Nayak said students are using other languages even in their daily conversations even though they know Kannada properly, which is an irony.

“TV channels, mobile and FM radios are responsible for this development. It is not those who studied in convents go for high positions but those who study in their mother tongue, having a rural background,” Nayak observed.

College Principal Dr K M Mallikarjuna presided. District Vachana Sahitya Academy President Srinivas Soori was present.