Ex-DGP identifies Bitti as son

Last Updated 16 March 2013, 20:37 IST

The Kerala Police have almost confirmed that Bitti Mohanty led a seven-year elusive life with the help of his father former Odisha director-general of police B B Mohanty, but are yet to find clinching evidence to prove the report.

The Kerala Police team on Saturday successfully established that Raghav Rajan is indeed Bitti, after questioning Mohanty senior for six hours at the deputy commissioner’s office in Cuttack. Before that the team met Odisha Director-General of Police Prakash Mishra.  

According to sources, the Kerala Police focused on the fake certificates produced by Bitti to get the bank job in Kerala while living as Raghav Rajan. But when the team showed B B Mohanty the photo of “Raghav,” he identified the man in the photo as his son Bitti.

The former police officer, however, denied that he had helped Bitti lead an undercover life.
Police sources told Deccan Herald that the senior Mohanty asserted that he had no
knowledge of his son since he jumped parole in 2006.

When asked about the “uncle” and “aunty” who used to visit Bitti in Puttaparthi, B B Mohanty replied that Bitti’s uncle and aunt were aged and were not the persons referred to by the police.  

The police strongly suspect that it was Mohanty senior and his wife themselves who had visited Bitti in Puttaparthi, disguised as uncle and aunt.

The investigating officers also have information that the former DGP visited his son while in Kannur also.

Besides, there are unconfirmed reports that B B Mohanty selected Kerala as a safe hideout for Bitti because the then Kerala DGP was his classmate.

Police said that they have to work hard to prove the complicity of the former Odisha DGP in the case.

Significantly, the leader of the police team that questioned the rape convict’s father in Cuttack on Saturday said that they couldn’t find any evidence to establish the former top cop’s involvement in the preparation of fake certificates.

“He seems to be innocent in this (fake certificate) case”, he said, virtually giving him (the senior Mohanty) a clean chit.

The former director-general also spoke to the media for the first time since Bitti’s arrest a week ago in Kerala and said he was cooperating with the law.
“I am following the law. The Kerala Police team gave me strict instructions not to divulge anything that we discussed”, he said. “I have full faith in god.”

(Published 16 March 2013, 20:37 IST)

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