A parade of talent and art

A parade of talent and art


A parade of talent and art

There’s nothing like a fest to create a carnival-like atmosphere on campus and give students a reason to smile. In fact, during the three-day techno-cultural extravaganza called ‘Phoenix’ that was held recently at Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, this is exactly what happened.

The organising team of the college put in a solid two months of hard work to pull off a spectacular event, which included all the ingredients of a usual fest — music and dance-related events, photography competitions, a sketching event and the like.

To the students’ delight, there were also performances by Carnatic rock band Agam, ‘Solder’ as well as ‘All Star Jam’. The highlight of the event, of course, was ‘Battle of the Bands’, which was held on the last day of the fest. The competition was thrown open to all musically-inclined people, rather than restricting registration to college students only. As a result, those who attended the event were treated to a pretty good line-up of bands and artistes.

Many aspiring bands registered for the event, which turned out to be a huge success. A total of five bands took over the stage to deliver some foot-tapping numbers. These included ‘Groove
Chutney’, ‘cROCKchets’, Samudra, Eswaras and ‘Quarantine’. Eventually, the members of ‘cROCKchets’ stole the show and emerged as the winners, while the second place was shared
between ‘Groove Chutney’ and Eswaras.

In addition to this, there were plenty of events in other fields as well. These included an entire range of tech-related competitions, such as circuit designing, web designing, programming, ‘Bob the Builder’ and others. The gamers, on the other hand, could have a great time plugging in their remotes for ‘Need for Speed’, ‘FIFA’ and ‘Counterstrike’.

The college also hosted a fashion show, which kept the style-conscious students happy.

Rahul, a third-year student of the college who helped put together the fest, explains that the team began to thresh out the details of the programme as early as January.

“We had a month-long vacation at that time and actually worked through it. When the college opened in February, we began to work on the sponsorship. Thankfully, we found it relatively easy because of the success of last year’s edition of the fest,” he adds. He goes on to say that the previous edition had actually witnessed a crowd of 7,000-odd students and the team made sure they were prepared for large numbers this time as well. “The final turn-out was around 4,000, which we were quite happy about,” he smiles.