'Research necessary to reduce cost of solar devices'

'Research necessary to reduce cost of solar devices'

With the rise in the cost of electricity, impetus is being provided for solar energy and other renewable energy systems. However, since the manufacturing cost of solar devices is high, research towards reducing the cost of solar devices is essential, said A Vijayendranath, president of Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA), here on Thursday.

He was speaking at an awareness programme on ‘Use of Concentrating Solar Technologies for process heating and cooling applications in industries and other establishments’, jointly organised by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited,  KASSIA, Bangalore and Mysore Industries Association.

Quoting from an advertisement in which one unit of solar energy was available at Rs 2.50, he observed that price of solar energy has gradually dipped from Rs 16 per unit to the current price of Rs nine per unit.

“Solar energy, wind energy and other natural sources of energy should be produced at a competitive rate for industrial growth. If power problem continues, industries and even farmers will be adversely affected. To maintain the rate of development of the country, cost of electricity has to come down, for which solar energy is a promising solution,” he said.

India should do away with energy sources such as nuclear energy that pollute the environment. As burnt fuel of nuclear reactors continue to be radioactive for thousands of years, they pose a significant threat to our environment.

Pankaj Kumar, Deputy project manager of the UNDP/GEF Concentrated Solar Heating Project said that ministry of new and renewable energy is working towards reducing the cost of solar devices for both industrial and domestic use.

Speaking on Concentrating Solar Technologies, he said that the technologies employ focused sunlight to generate heat and convert it into electricity.