Students relate to Puttakka's struggles

Students relate to Puttakka's struggles

Nandini, a student of Maharani’s Science College for Women in the city couldn’t have found a better podium to highlight the plight of the State farmers.

Participating in an interaction on B Suresh directed national award winner Kannada movie ‘Puttakkana Highway’ organised by Fine Arts Association at Maharani’s College here on Sunday, Nandini narrated the pathetic state of the agrarian community owing to drought and nonchalant authorities, in her village.

Hailing from a family of agriculturists, Nandini like the protagonist Puttakka, played by actor Shruthi on celluloid, had shown temerity to fight for the community.

Actor Mandya Ramesh, awed by Nandini’s thought provoking words, wished that he could have produced at least 20 plays with such actors, who could “help rebuild the nation”.
Students also highlighted the plight of many individuals who have lost their lands to either encroachments or to development projects.

M S Vinay Kumar chief executive officer of Media House Pvt Ltd., said that policy matters were not people friendly. He cited the example of a dangerous curve in Bangalore that had been opened for access to vehicles only to benefit an influential local businessman. The curve had turned a fatal point on the stretch of the road, claiming many lives. Yet it had remained open, till B Suresh took up the cause.