B M Hegde releases 'Corruption India's painful crawl to Lokpal'

B M Hegde releases 'Corruption India's painful crawl to Lokpal'

 Former vice chancellor of Manipal University Prof B M Hegde has said that as long as Indian psyche is not transformed, no law or Lokayukta can check the menace of corruption.

Speaking after releasing the revised, updated and expanded book by John B Monteiro titled ‘Corruption – India’s Painful Crawl to Lokpal’ at Press Club here on Saturday, he said that corruption is the deadliest devil in development. Corruption has been in the past. However, it has touched everyone’s life in the recent years. It is rampant in India,” he said.

Referring to the book, Prof Hegde said: “John Monteiro’s book on corruption, the second edition, is timely. I enjoyed reading this book which lists lots that we could do to contain corruption as it exists now. My worry is that these quick-fix solutions, like modern medical quick-fixes, might only work temporarily.”

“As corruption is deep rooted in the society, we can only create a generation who do not have this craze to become corrupt. The grading of children in schools only gives rise to negative thoughts in the minds of children,” he said.

Stating that long term measures should start in the elementary schools where the true Indian ethos of dharma should be inculcated into innocent minds, he said Macaulay’s system of education must change to the Indian style of education of the timeless wisdom. If one knows that he is a part of society and is what he is because of society, he would never resort to such basic instincts like corruption, Prof Hegde said.

The next generation, at least, should have exposure to the truth. The Vedic wisdom proclaims that it is for the whole world and all the future religions should also be respected equally.

This idea of universal brotherhood, coupled with the modern scientific discovery that the egocentric attitude of the mind with the "I” concept is detrimental to mental peace should give enough courage for the future generation to abhor corrupt practices.

St Aloysius College Principal Fr Swebert D’Silva said that it is imperative that every Indian introspects and analyses this menace of corruption in India. Corruption has become a way of life.

If only the money set aside for development had been utilised for the said purpose, India would have been among the most developed countries of the world.
Author John B Monteiro was present. He said that the book is available online through Amazon.com