Immoral activities in Yelekallu cause for concern

 Increase in immoral activities in Yelekallu Ghat which is just three kilo metres away from the town, has become a matter of concern to the police and the forest department.

Yelekallu Ghat is located at a distance of three km on Balehonnur-Chikmagalur road. The forest spreads for about a distance of two kilo metres passing Andavane, Karagane and Huyigere and reaches Magundi.

The forest is mostly surrounded by teak wood, thus paving way for youngsters to hide behind the trees and involve in immoral activities. The youth are found consuming liquor and drugs, spoiling the forest atmosphere. It was only a fortnight ago, that a man was found suspiciously roaming around in the forest.

On questioned by a forest officer, it was revealed that the man a Revenue Department employee from Koppa and he had come to the forest with a girl.

The forest officers are more worried over the danger of wild animals attacking the people who enter the forest and spend their time without bothering about the outside world. Liquor bottles are found all over the forest.

Sources from Forest Department said that four couples pursuing PUC and degree education from the nearby colleges were caught in the forest in the last one month. Couples were taken to the police station and were then sent along with their parents.

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