Karunakar Reddy upset with CM

Karunakar Reddy upset with CM

The Reddy brothers of Bellary are back in news from last two days. They have learnt to have been opposing the proposed introduction of truck toll, appointment of Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrashekar as the chairman of the committee to supervise relief works and lastly the sudden transfer of IAS officer N V Prasad as DC of Gadag, for which Health Minister B Sreeramulu is the in-charge minister. But the CM is refusing to join the issue by saying “all is well.”

When contacted, Karunakara Reddy said it is a fact that he and his brother are not happy about the manner in which certain issues are handled by the CM. “There is no need to impose toll on trucks transporting ores because mine owners are ready to chip in money for relief works. They are paying all the taxes being imposed by the Centre and State. Why tax them more,” he asked.

Asked what would be the contribution of mine owners for the relief works, the Revenue Minister said they were ready to construct 20,000 houses. In Bellary, 23 villages would be shifted. The houses required in Bellary would be 10,000. Another 10,000 houses would be constructed in the neighbouring districts.

"When they are ready to help, why tax them more? Janardhan Reddy has suggested the CM to reconsider the toll. We have not pressurised the CM,” he added.

To a question whether he has taken exception to the appointment of Rajeev Chandrashekar, Reddy said his department has been doing a meticulous job in the flood-hit areas and busy in land acquisition for construction of houses.

“I have been touring the flood-ravaged villages. I know the ground reality. Where is the need for someone else to supervise it? There too many contradictory orders being issued by the government. At one point it was announced that Rs 5,000 will be given for repairing houses and later it was revised to Rs 7,000. And, eventually it went up to Rs 35,000. Even officers are confused. There should be firm decisions so that works can be easily executed. We have to stick to the decision we take,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, in Bellary Janardhana Reddy too hit out at the chief minister, on Saturday.
CM’s version

Speaking to reporters in Bangalore, CM Yeddyurappa played down the entire development. “There are no differences. It's all the creation of the media", he stated. Yeddyurappa said that the Reddy brothers had only discussed rehabilitation measures for flood-affected victims with him.

He said Revenue Minister Karunakara Reddy had sought his permission to excuse him from attending the meeting of the central study team as he (Reddy) had other commitments in his constituency.