Offering a musical healing

Offering a musical healing

Charity Concert

The Bangalore School of Music recently organised a melodious evening at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall for the music-lovers of the City. Titled To Karnataka With Love, it was a concert to generate funds for the victims of the floods that recently affected the State. Taking the stage was The Bangalore School of Music Chamber Orchestra, a 30-member orchestra from the music school.

The programme, that started half an hour late, had the audience anxiously waiting. As the people waited for the event to start, some were heard praising the Orchestra. Said Cecil Dewars, patron and chairperson of the Chamber Orchestra, as he requested the audience to support the flood victims, “People for no fault of theirs are homeless. People for no fault of theirs have lost their livelihood.” Conducted by V Narayanaswamy, the musicians started the evening with their rendition of the Indian National Anthem. This was followed by Panis Angilicus by Cesar Frank and Sinofonia Concertante by Karl Stamitz.

The three parts of Sinofolia — Allegro Maestoso, Andante and Allegro, were delightful as the violinists and flautists took turns in leading each other.

This was followed by Sonata In G Minor by Thomaso Albinoni. “It’s everybody’s favourite,” said Narayanswamy as he explained the song. “G Minor is a beautiful key that touches everybody’s soul and we specially dedicate this song to the flood victims,” he added. After the intermission, the musicians performed many more interesting pieces like Intermezzo from Agnus Dei by George Bizet, El Chocolo by Angel G Villoldo, Fascination by Marchetti, Hungarian Dance #44 by Johannes Brahms and Three Poetic Valses by Enrique Granados.

Said Aruna Sunderlal, the director of the BSM, “Nothing gives us greater pleasure than presenting our own musicians.” She added proudly, “Over the years, The BSM Chamber Orchestra has become one of the most highly renowned orchestras in the country. Our hard work of over 21 years has not been in vain.”

 The Orchestra presented the same concert in Chennai a day after the Bangalore concert.