Seer opens World Integrity Temple in Gonikoppal

Seer opens World Integrity Temple in Gonikoppal

 “Development is not possible without religious awareness. The role of mutts and temples is significant in reformation of a nation’s system,” said Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker K G Bopaiah.

Speaking at the inaugural of the newly constructed World Integrity Temple of Ponnampete Ramakrishna Sharadashrama here on Monday, Bopaiah said that the religious centres should not be utilised for any other purposes. “Religions should be free from egotism. There should be a system in place, which can prevent this egotism,” he said.

“India has marvellous future. Even foreigners admire at the richness of Indian culture and heritage. However, Indians themselves forget the values of Indian culture,” he lamented adding that people should never forget the values of our nation.

Bopaiah said that the Kodagu culture, which is considered as very distinct, should be preserved.

Belur Ramakrishna Mission Vice President Swamy Swarananandaji Maharaj in his presidential address said that Kodagu has a prominent place in the Indian continent. The World Integrity Temple will surely help develop the spiritual values of the nation, he added.

“Sri Ramakrishna, Sharada Mate and Swamy Vivekananda are the spiritual role models for the nation. All evils can be eradicated from the nation, if the doctrines of those role models were followed strictly by the citizens,” he observed.

CAPS School Principal Prof M D Nanjunda said that Swamy Vivekananda was a youth icon, who brought electrifying changes in young minds. Scars of starvation, terrorism and caste system can be healed by studying the doctrines of Vivekananda, he added.

Coimbatore Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Secretary Swamy Atmaramanandaji Sanghajanani, Bangalore Ramakrishna Mutt President Swami Harshanandaji, pontiff Swamy Swatmanandaji, Kadapa Ramakrishna Mission Secretary Atmanandaji, Ponnampete Ramakrishna Sharadashrama President Swamy Jagadatmanandaji, pontiff Shivakantanandaji and Belgam Ramakrishna Mission pontiff Thadyuktanandaji were present.

Swamy Swarananandaji Maharaj inaugurated the Temple and later released the souvenir ‘Bhavaikya Pradeepa’.