Charmed by the sights and sounds

Charmed by the sights and sounds

Charmed by the sights and sounds

Six years after the first IPL, the cheerleaders of the Indian Premier League (IPL), who were once closely watched, have now become an indispensable part of the whole event.

Dressed in blue and white short skirts, pompoms in hand, they’re ready to break into a jig at the drop of a hat. Their mischievous jigs add the extra zing to every game.

The ‘White Mischief Girls’ are not only dancing to every tune but are also making the best of their stay and soaking in every bit that the City has to offer.

They are experiencing and trying out everything Indian — be it applying mehendi on their hands, wearing a bindi, an anklet on the feet or even trying out the spicy Indian cuisine. They love it all!

The ‘White Mischief Girls’ took time off to share with Metrolife their experience in India and what keeps them going as a team. The chirpy bunch say that dance is what brings them together.

All of them are professional dancers and cheerleading is just an extension of the same.This is the second IPL for Lolly and she says that it is the passion for dancing that got her into cheering. And while there is a training period in South Africa with
a choreographer before the matches begins, Lolly says that at times, it does get a
little challenging to dance to some of the Indian numbers.

“We don’t always have all the latest music. At times, when we do get a new song, it
takes us some time to catch on to the beats,” she adds. It does take a lot more
than just dance to be a cheerleader.

From six hours of practice, maintaining a strict diet to hitting the gym. Michaela, who is cheering as part of the team for the first time, says, “One also has to have dedication towards one’s work, flaunt the right attitude, personality and passion for cricket without which it’s impossible to cheer for the team.”

Travelling across the country, the girls have different moves for different songs. But the hectic whistle-stop tour calls not only for aesthetic moves but also plenty of mental and physical strength. “It really tests the skills and emotions,” say Kimmi and Bronnie, who have been part of the last three IPL matches.

The two girls stick to a very strict diet, comprising salads and chicken. “I largely stick to steamed food and stay off red meat as much as I can,” says Kimmi.

Bronnie says, “My diet always has a good mix of vegetables, chicken and fish and we also occasionally snack on some fried stuff. Since we dance so much, all the extra fat burns out.”

They also do yoga, which not only strengthens the core muscles but also gives them the much-needed flexibility.

The girls do their bit of sightseeing and shopping wherever they are going. Kimmi says, “I picked up some colourful bags, shoes and scarves. I really like the jewellery in India.” Bronnie too picked up some kurtas and a sari.

   The girls also get to meet the actors who come in during the IPL. In fact, Bronnie has also acted in ‘Cocktail’ with Deepika Padukone. “I think she’s a cool actress and I think Aishwarya is a beautiful woman. The actors are added attractions,” she says.

Handling the crowd at the stadium is no problem, say the girls. “We’re happy that we are appreciated for our work and we haven’t really had any bad experiences till date.” While they do get all the attention from the camera and the fans, being girls, there is the concern of their safety as well.

   “We always ensure we are in big groups and our manager is with us. Moreover, we
always look out for one another and ensure we are back in our rooms well before midnight,” states Lolly.

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