Accepting failures

Accepting failures

Failures are a part of life. We must learn to accept them gracefully. This is the golden rule for leading a peaceful life. We should train our children right from childhood to accept failures as they come. That’s why we expose them to competitions.

‘Competition’ has been a very important aspect of human life from time immemorial. The ‘kick’ of success and victory is irresistible to man. Maybe nature introduced this aspect with a secret objective of bringing an end to all games, including the game of this universe.

Millions of people die around the world due to deadly wars and terrorist attacks. Who benefits from this destruction? Definitely not the mankind. Then why do we indulge in such heinous attacks? Nations compete with one another in making weapons of mass destruction. As man is getting wiser and history is getting richer with lessons, instead of finding means of establishing peace on this beautiful planet, he invests loads of money and human resources on making more and more sophisticated weapons and more and more cunning ways of causing misery to others.

We introduce our children to competitions to arouse the ‘killer spirit’ in them as also make them learn the lesson of failure. But these days, we observe how competitions are getting uglier and the parents want their children to win by hook or by crook. Hence they adopt even unlawful means to aid their children. If the child fails, the parents are more affected and throw tantrums. So, what will happen to the psyche of such children? Will they not be learning the bad lesson that they should not fail, come what may?

All of us know that many of the wars that are being fought today are on account of such killer instincts of egotistic leaders, who can never accept failures. After all, every citizen of every nation wants just two square meals a day, a shelter to live in and clothes to cover his body. Which ordinary citizen is bothered more about the geographical borders of his country, the scientific and economic strength of his country or the super achievers of his country?  How does it matter to a man on the footpath dying of hunger and cold if his government has sent a mission to the moon or annexed a part of his neighbouring country?
Why all this empty talk about ‘global village’, when the lines separating countries are only getting thicker and the lives of commoners are only getting worse by the day? When will good sense prevail on our leaders about the right priorities of humankind?