VTU to stream video lectures

VTU to stream video lectures

The lecture videos will be of 40-hour duration approximately for each course. The students can watch the videos based on their interest on a continual basis.

Dr T N Nagabhushan, Special Officer, E Learning Center, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) said, “The video streaming technology requires powerful servers and large storage systems to store tera bytes of videos. One of the most important challenge is developing Video Content Management System (VCMS) - a software solution which enables the user to access the video on different courses in a given semester by appropriately searching the required topic”.

VCMS provides an intelligent searching mechanism by different combinations and the streaming servers can support up to 250 concurrent videos on a campus network having gigabit backbone network.

“With this technology the students will be able to choose the video of their subjects and watch them in a campus network system. If the campus is Wi-Fi enabled, they can also use the laptops and handheld devices to access video contents. The faculty and students will be able to access the e-contents and videos by a secured log in procedure,” Dr Nagabhushan said.

The project will be implemented in 50 colleges in the beginning and will take about 45 days to commission and install the appropriate hardware and software.

Dr Nagabhushan added, “With this solution, the VTU is the first institution in the country to implement such a novel technique that supports multiple streaming in a campus network environment. The VTU would be providing this technology to all its affiliated colleges in a phased manner.”