Meet on tiger census in November

Meet on tiger census in November

A male tiger which was captured through camera trapping technology between 2005-07 in Bhadra reserve forest. Photo/ CWS

Speaking to Deccan Herald, he said there will be 53 to 58 tigers in Kudremukh, Bhadra Reserve Forest.

The exact figure will be known after the census.  All the scientific methods will be followed while conducting the census.

Several environmentalists and NGOs have come forward to take part in the census, he added.

Bhadra reserve forest comes under the Central government’s Tiger project. A sum of Rs 125 lakh has been released so far. Another Rs 125 lakh will be released soon, he added.

The grant has been utilised for the construction of Somavahini bridge, Melagirihalla bridge and controlling forest fire.

Bhadra reserve forest has 28 Anti-Poaching camp. “We are also planning to increase the number of anti-poaching camps,” he said.