Super nutritional and healthy

Super nutritional and healthy

For those suffering from hypertension, cholesterol problem and constipation, drumsticks can be a solution

Super nutritional and healthy

Next time you pick out pieces of drumsticks from your sambhar, think again! This humble vegetable comes with a pack of nutritional values. Also called as Moringa Oleifera and Sanjana, drumstick is one the most cultivated plants in the country because of its medicinal properties. It is high in Vitamin C, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Dietician Akshita Aggarwal says drumsticks are highly beneficial for people suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol and also helps in fighting constipation and skin problems.

“Drumsticks have zero fat and zero sodium which means it is also good for those who are on a weight loss regime, and patients of blood pressure. Its moisture content is also very high and therefore summer is the best season to have it,” says

Though largely the drumstick stem is used in Indian kitchens, especially in the Southern regions, its leaves and powder are equally rich in nutrition. According to the Trees for Life organisation, drumstick leaves contain Vitamin A more than carrots, calcium more than milk, more Vitamin C than oranges and more potassium than

A drumstick contains 5.6 gram of total crude fibre including 4.6 gram of insoluble fibre. “This quality of drumstick lists it among the vegetables which are good for
treating constipation and improving digestion. Drumstick is also rich in potassium which means it is heart-friendly,” says Akshita.

To retain the vitamin C of this vegetable that comes in the shape of long and thick stick, either bake it or steam it. “If over cooked, its vitamin C is lost but the rest of the good properties remain intact. Steam it a little and eat it as salad after adding a pinch of salt,” she adds.

If that sounds boring, you can simply make it a part of mixed vegetables cooked on oven, add it in sambhar or prepare its sabzi. However, because drumstick is rich in potassium, people who are suffering from kidney disorder should maintain a distance from it.

Being high in Vitamin C, drumsticks are also good for skin cures. Its seed’s oil is used for treating conjunctivitis. Juice of fresh drumstick leaves mixed with lime juice can be applied on face to treat acne and pimples.