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Add a special touch to make your bathroom the most relaxing place in your entire house. There is a wide variety of accessories available in the market today, from showerheads of all kinds to faucets with infrared sensors, writes A Dyuti.

Always believed tiles and wall colour are the only modernising means for your bathroom? That’s no longer the case today. For, now, you have a variety of modern gadgets catering to your twin needs of luxurious living and aesthetics.

How about a tub to sink in with gushing hot-water jets invigorating your tired muscles? Yes, that’s a jacuzzi. No more driving to a spa. Soothe away stress, pain and fatigue right at home. The whirlpool bathtub, as it is also called, not only bolsters fitness but also provides quality leisure time. An electric pump circulates the water through the tub’s piping and underwater jets. Having one pump for every 20 jets ensures adequate power supply. Each jet’s venturi directs air into the water. The jacuzzi’s whirling hot water drives away muscle spasms, arthritis, backache, stiffness, sprains, fatigue or stress. But, remember, it’s no substitute for medication. It can only ably complement it.

Are you one of those who break into a run after a quick morning shower, heartily cursing those relaxing for hours in a jacuzzi? Why not try out today’s luxury showerheads? If you love getting soaked in the rain, you can enjoy the caress of tinkling drops in the privacy of your own bathroom. If the traditional showerhead vexes you with its limited cover, the rain showerhead pleases with its generous spread. Plus, it pampers sensitive skin-types by re-creating a more natural shower effect. With a plethora of adjustable nozzles, rain showerheads successfully simulate real rain.

Range of showerheads

Ceiling showerheads replicating the rain sensation by mixing water with air and adding light heighten the glamour. A rage in the West, chromatherapy showerheads bathe you in soothing blue light as you drench in the light drizzle. Change the colour by merely pressing a button. Some showerheads provide a massaging feel too. Others swivel a bit or channelise the water into parallel rivulets.

Different spray modes like soft rainfall, drenching waterfall and vigorous massage also emerge from single showerheads. Apart from the conventional chrome, showerheads come in porcelain, copper, glass, stone and plastic, besides numerous combinations from amongst these in design styles ranging from modern, classic, minimalist to luxury. The latest models blend beauty with functionality.

Massage showers with steam are hot favourites for many. The tanning shower has an inbuilt bronzing facility that cleanses while simultaneously imparting a seductive, healthy glow to your skin.

Baths, showers and saunas in the comfortable privacy of your own bathroom can also be extra rejuvenating with systems for spa treatments like hydro-thermo/steam massage, chromatherapy, aromatherapy and heat therapy allying themselves with your bathroom fittings. Hydro-thermo massage combines heat, water and air jets to relieve pain and ease stress.


Opulent bathroom fittings with the ‘eco-friendly’ tag are most sought-after today. Contemporary faucets are sleek with clean lines and simple minimalist designs, incorporating specially-designed jets and complex water-guidance technology to provide gentle stream or gushing waterfall effects. The luxury-loving can go for precious metal finish — silver-nickel, bronze, gold or antique-gold, besides sparkling Swarovski crystals embedded on handle-tops/intersecting-hand-levers. Glass-sculpted faucets are on offer too. Faucets with soft, rounded edges are for those who disapprove of sharp, geometric angles.

Choosing designer faucets

Faucets with infrared sensors heighten accuracy through a more intelligent sensing/analysis of the environment, thereby avoiding wrong starts. Modern faucets drive their sensors and control flow through the flowing water’s kinetic energy. Most also economise on water usage. A steam shower cabin bundling LED-enabled chromatherapy and aromatherapy on to the normal cleansing shower is available.

Adjustable seats help you share it with your partner. The dry sauna is accommodated in a cabin glass-panelled at the front to release warm air for soothing aches away. Infrared heat therapy rooms are ideal for sports warm-ups or therapeutic-massages.

Bathroom sinks too come in various hues, designs and shapes. Elegant copper sinks are popular. Dual-flush, ultra-low-flow modern toilets economise on water usage. One designer toilet has a lid that automatically lifts at your approach, flushes and closes when you leave. Through remote control, you can also avail of other facilities.


Wall displays and multimedia systems, waterproof screens to net browsing facilities, email, telephone, music system, television are some answers for those seeking greater bath luxury. Other little pleasures include wine cooler, towel/clothes warming cabinet or wall-hung radiator, simulated fireplace, medicine cabinets with a night-light, Swarovski-crystal-studded towel bar, waterproof mirror, semi-precious-stone-studded lounge chair and soap-holders holding the bar above the sink to dry.
LED plays a major role in bathroom aesthetics, beautifying floor/wall tiles and translucent ceiling tiles.

Choose an ornate mirror and place decorative wall sconces on either side to supplement the ambient lights. Don’t forget the utility measure of a dull night light.

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